BMW: Team Motorsport.
Anonymous murmured: oh mannnnnn is your mom wanting a divided (guys on one side, girls on the other) kinda wedding? because a friend's mom was 200% on that... till the week of the wedding -___- (another silent follower here! i like the wedding updates too!!)

Haha no, no, that’s not the problem.. It has more to do with the traditions and the agenda of the reception. Things are slowly getting better as we’re building the guest list and getting quotes from hotels.. Making progress slowly but surely. Thanks for putting up with my whiny updates lol!

Anonymous murmured: I'm getting a degree in accounting as well:) how do you like it so far?!

I think accounting curriculum is useful and imperative for anyone in business to have; it’s fundamental to every business field (gotta love cash flows). A career in accounting just seems dreadful, though, which is why I’m also pursuing MIS.

Anonymous murmured: Are you an accounting major?😁

Accounting and MIS lol. Guess which one I like better?

Mister finally released some sick new mixes!! CHECK THEM OUT: 

The Surreal Life - Boll(ywood) So Hard 

The Surreal Life - Old Is Gold 

The Surreal Life - Top40/House (April 2014) [LIVE] 

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How the hell do I rewrite parts of the FASB codification in “my own words”?!


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Muslim men don’t even inspire women to wear hijab they try to patronize them into it. Comparing women to dirty chocolates and lollipops isn’t inspiring, it’s degrading. And it’s insidious because  these men know that. 

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Anonymous murmured: Silent follower (till now) here... I really like your wedding updates! Though, I'm sorry it's stressing you out so much. Insha'Allah, everything will work out perfectly and you will have the wedding/marriage of your dreams <3 Re: your mom, though. That sucks :( This is supposed to be a bonding experience before you enter a new home! Maybe you can explain that to her? And tell her that since it's YOUR day and you have different tastes... you guys can compromise? Hope everything works out iA :)

Awh, don’t be silent anymore! Introduce yourself off anon :) I’m surprised people aren’t sick of my wedding talk haha. I appreciate you reaching out with your well wishes - inshaAllah it’ll all work out! I tried telling that to my mom, but she’s super strict and set on tradition.. She’s always been a “tough love” kind of mom, and while I know she wants the best for me, her idea of “the best” is extremely outdated, and she refuses take me seriously when I tell her. Hopefully my in-laws can help me in trying to open her mind. Mister has been making his expectations very clear to her and it’s working, so I think she’ll come around eventually inshaAllah.


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